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Works and sponsorship
2024 - 2025 - 2026



The works of phase I on the Renaissance façade having barely been completed, we must absolutely continue on this dynamic if we want to save the Pagax Castle ruin and achieve our goal of "out of water, out of air" by 2030!

Our institutional sponsors, the Ministry of Culture (DRAC and UDAP 12), the region Occitania and the department of Aveyron will follow us in the adventure, but the help of the Mission Bern will no longer be there for the work of this phase II!

This is how we will once again launch a call for sponsorship in collaboration with the Fondation du Patrimoine (French official Heritage Fondation) !

Phase II works

Our project is the complete restitution of the tower of the staircase and the West facade!

The tower of the staircase has already been the subject of work to consolidate the remaining parts, but as you probably know, these were not enough to preserve it.

The objective is therefore its total reconstruction as well as that of its stone spiral staircase to its summit.

To allow it to be more stable, we decided to also rebuild the West facade, which had been missing for several decades.

Thus this set of West facade, North/West tower (staircase) and South/West tower (already restored) will have unfailing stability and will give this West side the appearance it had a century ago.

These works were costed at €750,000 and should be carried out over the years 2024 to 2026 if we raise the necessary funds.

Your support is important!


This sponsorship campaign is therefore essential for this phase of work, given the size of the budget to be financed!

We were thought to be crazy at the start of this adventure, but we have shown that with a lot of passion, courage, solidarity and optimism, anything is possible!

So on the way for this phase 2!

Patronage campaign

Classic donation or sponsorship of a stair step!

In return for your donation, your surnames, first names and nationality will be listed on the patrons' panel at the entrance to the château.

We will regularly offer private tours of Pagax during the coming season.

These visits will be organized during our sessions open to the public.

For those who wish, we are also setting up a sponsorship system on each of the stone steps of the spiral staircase located in the North/West tower.

Sponsoring a walk is equivalent to a donation of a minimum of 1175€ sum which corresponds to the supply including VAT of a step.

In return, your initials will be engraved on this step in the manner of stonemasons of the Middle Ages and a display will be made at the foot of this staircase matching the engraved initials with the names and surnames of the patrons!

In addition, you will be able to choose the number of the sponsored walk(s), numbered from 1 to 96.

To do so, once your donation has been made, send us an email at  


to give us the number of the chosen walk and we will tell you if it is still available.

Thank you for following us once again in this adventure!

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